At 4:00 AM I leaved office, or should i say home? Well nevermind…

And i went to gas station by foot, 10 minutes, to take a black espresso, not thinking on dangerous of night outside.

Why strangers say good morning when usually at day time the people ignore me?

They think being friendly are safer at night?

Well, let´s get into the juice of my post.

My last system of generate procedural terrain was get a random x,y position being  z at 2000 quants (distance units) check distance to ground and check distance of new object to already generated objects and if the distance are ok generate next object, else try another random position.

After all objects generated i drop them with c_move.

The problem is if the bounding boxes intersect the later object drops until find the intersecting bounding box and stays levitating.

My game is not about magic. 😦

So now i calculate distance to ground and have to fine adjust each kind of object for don´t levitate and don´t be buried on terrain.

This is my video of 27th march with my first attempts : Video

I know it sucks and it is short but gives you an idea of my project.

If no one read this at  least i sort my ideas typing.


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