Old and crazy ideas

Since the 80´s I wish to build my own microprocessor. I learned processors are made with gates (Not Bill) on a book about Sinclair ZX Spectrum and I could find that basic digital Lego on TTL chips first created by Texas Instruments.

I have a collection of that chips most of them used but some of them new.

I built a asynchronous counter of 16 bit using four 74ls161 chips ,but somehow hi order bits did not switch correctly, and connect it to red leds to watch the counting than I gave up.

Now i know TTL chips are slow for today´s standards. A few MHz not GHz like the computer i am typing. And todays electronics need special tools to solder over a PCB the SMD chips.

Anyway today I have a few minutes of wake dreaming wishing to build a microprocessor with a Programable Logic Device PLD I saw on magazine 2 or 3 years ago. At least it works with the speed of  300 MHz.

I know x86 incarnations will not last forever but Apple surrender to Intel using Intel chips.

Is needed a lot of money and a big team or even a joint-venture of companies to build a solid alternative to Intel.

I need income not spend the money I don´t have fighting Intel. I am getting old, i know 😦

Any way if you are younger on spirit or like to masturbate building hardware. Send me a comment I will share what I know about it 😉


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